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"The Child/Sovereign energy is also the pillar of identity and truth-telling. So the child also doesn’t know who she is. The child hasn’t developed a true identity yet, whereas the Sovereign has a very clear sense of identity.


The child says “I don’t know who I am.” The sovereign says, “I know exactly who I am.” And along with that is the ability to tell the truth. So the child is the liar.


...If you’re an adult and there are parts of your life that are a lie, those are the areas where you are in your child archetype. Wherever you can’t stand up and speak your truth, you are in your child, not your Sovereign.


The Sovereign is the CEO energy. So if you are an entrepreneur, it’s critical that you NOT be in your child energy and that you be in your Sovereign energy in order to properly run your business.


If the child says, “I had a dream,” the Sovereign says, “I Have a Dream. This is my dream. I'm living my dream.” The child puts her feelings of wellbeing into someone else's hands.


The Sovereign says, “I am responsible for my wellbeing. My wellbeing is no one's responsibility but mine and I take full responsibility for every bit of my life experience as it is today.”


The Sovereign, the C.E.O., commits to making that dream come true. So when you're thinking about your business, it's critical to be in the archetype of your Sovereign as you're designing and launching this business, not the archetype of your child."